Neapolitan Desserts


Neapolitan cuisine, in this case Neapolitan desserts, has ancient origin. Gastronomic tradition of Campania has been strongly affected by several different cultures. We have wheat, from Graeco-Roman period, symbol of fertility for pagans, strictly connected to the cult of Ceres. For example, we find it in pastiera, a typical Easter dessert here in Campania. The odd name of struffoli, dessert typical of Christmas time, comes from ancient Greek στρόγγυλος, stróngylos, meaning "roundish". The most typical Neapolitan Desserts are connected to holiday, like zeppole di S. Giuseppe, made for Father's Day, casatiello dolce at Easter, mustaccioli, roccocò and raffioli at Christmas. But we also have sfogliatelle napoletane, ricce, made from puff pastry, or frolle, made from shortbread pastry, both stuffed with ricotta cheese, cinnamon and candied fruit. The Amalfi coast offers luxuriant citrons and lemons, used to make excellent desserts, like delizie al limone, or even limoncello, a liqueur typical of Campania, used to accompany dessert, or to make a syrup to soak baba, another dessert symbol of Naples. In this gallery, you'll find all the (traditional or modified by my family) recipes of Neapolitan Desserts I've made till now, always with step-by-step pictures.