Recipes with Almonds

A list of recipes using Almonds

Recipes  Green Olive Pate A while ago I tasted a pâté of green olives [...]
 recipe Linguini with Almond and Lemon Pesto These Linguini with Almond and Lemon Pesto are a first [...]
Recipes  Zucchini Savory Crumb Cake This Savory Crumb Cake with zucchini and brie cheese is [...]
 recipe Savory Cream Puffs with Broad Bean and Pea Cream These Savory Cream Puffs with pea and broad bean cream [...]
Recipes  Cookie Cake Cookie Cake is really yummy. It’s a cake made with [...]
 recipe Cheese Grape Balls Goodmorning everybody! I sow this nice appetizers in Alice cucina [...]
Recipes  Almond Brittle If, on a Saturday afternoon, your spouse beg you for [...]
 recipe Pasta with Raw Ham and Zucchini Pesto Here I am, onmce again, to give you the recipe [...]
Recipes  Zucchini Pesto I was thinking about making a Zucchini Pesto since a [...]
 recipe Cherry Cake Yesterday I decided to make a Cherry Cake with the [...]
Recipes  Almond Paste Cookies A while ago I tried to make Almond Paste Cookies, [...]
 recipe Neapolitan Taralli Neapolitan Taralli (we call them taralli ‘nzogna e pepe, that [...]
Recipes  Rococo Cookies Rococo Cookies are amongst typical Neapolitan pastries. Ring-shaped like a [...]
 recipe Amaretti di Saronno ® Amaretto is a type of almond macaroon, made up of [...]