Recipes with Philadelphia

A list of recipes using Philadelphia

Recipes  Microwave Cheesecake This Microwave Cheesecake is really cool ­čśŤ In only 5 [...]
 recipe Puff Pastry Spoons Puff Pastry Spoons: a nice idea for an happy hour, [...]
Recipes  Cheese Grape Balls Goodmorning everybody! I sow this nice appetizers in Alice cucina [...]
 recipe Whoopie Pie A Whoopie Pie is a US pastry, made of two [...]
Recipes  Carrot Cake Carrot cake is a typical English recipe, probably with a [...]
 recipe Chocolate Cheesecake I’ve always been intrigued by the recipe to make baked [...]
Recipes  Cream Cheese Brownies Chocolate brownies are typical American desserts made with chocolate. They’re [...]
 recipe Lemon Curd Cheesecake I usually do not change my cheesecake recipe with different recipes, because [...]