Recipes with Sugar

A list of recipes using Sugar

Recipes  Toffee Ice Cream Today’s Toffee Ice Cream is one of my best I’ve [...]
 recipe Coconut Pudding Coconut Pudding is one of the tasties I’ve ever eaten. [...]
Recipes  Braided Star Bread Today I’m posting the recipe with step-by-step pictures to make [...]
 recipe Unbaked Fruit Tart Unbaked Fruit Tart is a perfect dessert for summer time, [...]
Recipes  Chocolate Ice Cream Chocolate Ice Cream has been the first ice cream with [...]
 recipe Flauti Mulino Bianco Chocolate Flauti are soft sweet bread filled with [...]
Recipes  Skillet Cake I hadn’t ever tasted Skillet Cake, but after making biscuits, [...]
 recipe Eggless Muffins Making Eggless Muffins was a mission I had appointed since [...]
Recipes  Microwave Cheesecake This Microwave Cheesecake is really cool 😛 In only 5 [...]
 recipe Oggy and the Cockroaches Cake Oggy and the Cockroaches Cake: this was the cake Elisa [...]
Recipes  Torta Moretta (Brunette Cake) Torta Moretta (Brunette Cake) is a soft chocolate cake, quick [...]
 recipe Bread Cones These Bread Cones are a super-nice idea for a buffet [...]
Recipes  Stracciatella Cake Stracciatella Cake is perfect to use the chocolate from Easter [...]
 recipe Lemon Jam Lemon Jam is one of my favorite ones: fresh, not [...]
Recipes  Corn Dogs Corn Dogs: on of the best-known American street food! It’s [...]
 recipe Fashion Zebra Cake Fashion Zebra Cake is the cake I made for a [...]
Recipes  Pound Cake Pound Cake is a cake traditionally made with a pound [...]
 recipe Biscottoni (Cookies) order Paxil Biscottoni are a kind of cookies of Mulino [...]
Recipes  Japanese Cheesecake Japanese Cheesecake, also called Cotton Cheesecake, is sweet made with [...]
 recipe Soft Pie with Strawberry Curd Goodmorning! Today in Italy we celebrate Mother’s day. So, today’s [...]
Recipes  Apple Rose Tart This Apple Rose Tart, with apple rolled up to make [...]
 recipe Strawberry and White Chocolate Tiramisu I’ve been thinking about this Strawberry and White Chocolate Tiramisu [...]
Recipes  Blueberry Cheesecake Blueberry Cheesecake is the dessert I’ve made to celebrate my [...]
 recipe Parker House Rolls Parker House Rolls are soft and buttery buns with a [...]
Recipes  Cookie Cake Cookie Cake is really yummy. It’s a cake made with [...]
 recipe Bruttiboni Bruttiboni, also called brutti ma buoni, meaning ugly but good, [...]
Recipes  Sunflower Stuffed Bread Sunflower bread, stuffed with ricotta and zucchini is my last [...]
 recipe Zucchini Cake I was suggested to make Zucchini Cake by our dear [...]
Recipes  Cherry Pie Cherry Pie is a variant of the better-known apple pie. [...]
 recipe Ricotta Cookies with Strawberries These Ricotta Cookies with Strawberries are a variant I’ve made [...]
Recipes  Strawberry Jam Strawberry Jam is the recipe I’ve decide to post this [...]
 recipe Strawberry Macarons Strawberry Macarons are fine and delicious French sweet meringue-based confection. [...]
Recipes  Green Cake Green Cake, that is to say the sweet spinach cake [...]
 recipe Challah Challah is a typical Jewish braided bread. Challah is usually [...]
Recipes  Soy Milk Cake This Soy Milk Cake is an experiments I made a [...]
 recipe Braided Cookies with Ricotta Braided Cookies with Ricotta have no butter, no oil and [...]
Recipes  Pink Rose Cake Pink Rose Cake is the cake I made for my [...]
 recipe Coffee & Chocolate Cake Coffee and Chocolate Cake is the dessert I made to [...]
Recipes  Sicilian Cannoli Cannolis are a classic recipe of our beautiful Sicily. At [...]
 recipe Lindt Chocolate Tart Lindt Chocolate Tart is the latest hit on my Facebook [...]
Recipes  Raisin Bread Raisin Bread was specifically required by my mom, who had [...]
 recipe Hot Chocolate Mix Yesterday it was a rainy day, and I decided I [...]
Recipes  Double Chocolate Chip Cookies In these years, I’ve posted several cookie recipe, from more [...]
 recipe Book Cake Did you believe that, because of the book launch, I [...]
Recipes  My Little Pony Cake My Little Pony Cake is the result of a week [...]
 recipe Madeira Cake Madeira Cake is a traditional English sponge cake, amongst the [...]
Recipes  Lemon Cream Puffs Lemon Cream Puffs is a fresh and yummy dessert: I’ve [...]
 recipe Orange Curd Orange Curd is usually made to make pies, to stuff [...]
Recipes  Almond Brittle If, on a Saturday afternoon, your spouse beg you for [...]
 recipe No-Egg Tiramisu No-Egg Tiramisu is a recipe born to bring to my [...]
Recipes  Plain Ice Cream Plain Ice Cream is made up of milk, cream and [...]
 recipe Braided Cookies Good mornig everybody! After spending a whole weekend with Elisa [...]
Recipes  Milk Buns Milk Buns are tiny and super-soft buns we usually have, [...]
 recipe Berliners Berliners, or krapfens, are a kind of an Austrian pastry, [...]
Recipes  Sweet and Sour Green Onions When I posted the recipe to make sweet and sour [...]
 recipe Whoopie Pie A Whoopie Pie is a US pastry, made of two [...]
Recipes  Sweet and Sour Carrots Happy new year to everybody! I’ve chosen Sweet and Sour [...]
 recipe Hi Hat Cupcakes buy plavix With Hi Hat Cupcakes I start the season [...]
Recipes  Halloween Brain And here you have this morning’s Halloween recipe: a brain [...]
 recipe Sicilian Caponata Sicilian Caponata is a typical Sicilian side dish, with eggplants, [...]
Recipes  Thermomix Lemon Sorbetto Ingredients for 4 servings: 2 organic lemons 200 g of [...]
 recipe Termomix Pastry Cream Ingredients to stuff generic Propranolol a 26-cm cake pan: 4 [...]
Recipes  Angel Cake Angel Cake is a well-known American dessert, with a super-light [...]
 recipe Cake with Strawberries The Cake with Strawberries is the sweet recipe I made [...]
Recipes  Apple Crumble Apple Crumble, also known as apple crisp, is a typical [...]
 recipe Peach Cake I made this Peach Cake for yesterday morning beakfast: it’s [...]
Recipes  Chocolate Bavarian Cream Chocolate Bavarian Cream is a very mild creamy dessert, with [...]
 recipe Cherry Cake Yesterday I decided to make a Cherry Cake with the [...]
Recipes  Lemon Tiramisu Freely inspired to the Lemon Tiramisu by Salvatore De Riso, [...]
 recipe Doughnuts (Italian Graffes) Graffe is a typical Neapolitan sweet food, quite similar to [...]
Recipes  Almond Paste Cookies A while ago I tried to make Almond Paste Cookies, [...]
 recipe Christmas Cookies As I’ve already told you, this will be cookie week. [...]
Recipes  Italian Meringue Italian Meringue is ideal to make ice creams, mousses or semifreddos, because [...]
 recipe Strawberry Bavarian Cream Strawberry Bavarian Cream is this summer’s first creamy dessert. Bavarian [...]
Recipes  Vanilla Custard I used Pierre Hermè’s Vanilla Custard to stuff a pie [...]
 recipe Genoise Genoise (or génoise, or Genoese cake), is a great cake [...]
Recipes  Pastry Cream and Sour Cherry Cake As I had promised, here you have the birthday cake [...]
 recipe Limoncello Limoncello is a typical Italian (more specifically, from Sorrento peninsula, [...]
Recipes  Frozen Custard Usually it’s my mom who makes Frozen Custard, with Vorwerk’s [...]
 recipe Strawberry Tiramisu Last week it was my husband’s birthday, and he asked [...]