Recipes with Water

A list of recipes using Water

Recipes  Whole-Wheat Pizza I made this Whole-Wheat Pizza to please my father, that [...]
 recipe Veggie Omelette Veggie Omelette, like the name says, is a fake omelette, [...]
Recipes  Bread Cones These Bread Cones are a super-nice idea for a buffet [...]
 recipe Linguini with Almond and Lemon Pesto These Linguini with Almond and Lemon Pesto are a first [...]
Recipes  Panuozzo Today I’m posting the recipe to make Panuozzo at home. [...]
 recipe Whole-Wheat Quick Bread Today I propose you the recipe to make Whole-Wheat Quick [...]
Recipes  New York-Style Pizza Making New York-Style Pizza at home is possible, and now [...]
 recipe Soft Pie with Strawberry Curd Goodmorning! Today in Italy we celebrate Mother’s day. So, today’s [...]
Recipes  Apple Rose Tart This Apple Rose Tart, with apple rolled up to make [...]
 recipe Quick Bread I was quite suspicious of this Quick Bread recipe: after [...]
Recipes  Cherry Pie Cherry Pie is a variant of the better-known apple pie. [...]
 recipe Challah Challah is a typical Jewish braided bread. Challah is usually [...]
Recipes  Breadsticks Breadsticks are amongst Elisa’s passions: she prefers salty snacks, so [...]
 recipe Lemon Cream Puffs Lemon Cream Puffs is a fresh and yummy dessert: I’ve [...]
Recipes  Almond Brittle If, on a Saturday afternoon, your spouse beg you for [...]
 recipe Giant Crescent Roll with Sausages and Turnip Tops Giant Crescent Roll with Sausages and Turnip Tops is my [...]
Recipes  Hi Hat Cupcakes buy plavix With Hi Hat Cupcakes I start the season [...]
 recipe Savory Pie Crust As you know, I love puff pastry, and I always [...]
Recipes  Lemon Tiramisu Freely inspired to the Lemon Tiramisu by Salvatore De Riso, [...]
 recipe Cavatelli Cavatelli are a kind of pasta typical of Southern Italy, [...]
Recipes  Marshmallow Fondant If you use to surf on the Internet food blogs [...]
 recipe Limoncello Limoncello is a typical Italian (more specifically, from Sorrento peninsula, [...]
Recipes  Strawberry Tiramisu Last week it was my husband’s birthday, and he asked [...]
 recipe Éclairs Éclairs are a kind of pastries, made with choux pastry, [...]
Recipes  Chocolate Cream Puffs Chocolate Cream Puffs are really easy to make. You make [...]
 recipe Choux Pastry Choux Pastry, or pâte à choux, is a quite unusual [...]
Recipes  Migliaccio Migliaccio is a typical and traditional Neapolitan recipe. Together with [...]
 recipe Caramel and Caramel Sauce Making Caramel is really super-easy… and it is really useful, [...]
Recipes  Poached Eggs It may seem ridiculous that I’m posting on my blog [...]
 recipe Neapolitan Baba Cake Rum Baba is one of Neapolitan specialties, maybe the Neapolitan [...]
Recipes  Grouper in Crazy Water Grouper is by far my favorite fish: its flesh is [...]