Basic Recipes

In order to be considered as a good cook, you need to be able to make complex and difficult dishes. However, if you do not know how to make the basic recipes, you will never be good at cooking. That’s why it’s so important you learn how to make them! Once you know the basic recipes, you can start to let your imagination run free and even create your own recipes, by inventing new dishes or reinterpreting the traditional ones. Learning how to make basic recipes is essential, both if you are a novice and if you not new to the great world of cooking but want to develop new abilities. In this category you will find a rich choice of basic recipes you should know, such as Italian sponge cake, shortcrust pastry, crêpe batter, broth, white sauce, bread dough and even more.

A List of Basic Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Cook

Basic Recipes recipes Torta Moretta (Brunette Cake) Torta Moretta (Brunette Cake) is a soft chocolate cake, quick [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Pound Cake Pound Cake is a cake traditionally made with a pound [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Beer Batter Beer Batter is ideal to fry vegetables. As it has [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Mayonnaise Mayonnaise is a French sauce made with eggs, lemon juice [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Egg White Crepes Egg White Crepes have been one of the greatest discovers [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Crêpe Batter This is the base recipe to make great crêpes: you [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Savory Pie Crust As you know, I love puff pastry, and I always [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Butter Icing cheap Retin-A Let’s start by saying that there is not [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Sugar Paste Sugar Paste, also called gum paste or sugar gum, is [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Italian Meringue Italian Meringue is ideal to make ice creams, mousses or semifreddos, because [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Genoise Genoise (or génoise, or Genoese cake), is a great cake [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Marshmallow Fondant If you use to surf on the Internet food blogs [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Choux Pastry Choux Pastry, or pâte à choux, is a quite unusual [...]
Basic Recipes recipes Homemade Egg Pasta The expression fresh pasta can refer to two main kind [...]
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