Cakes Recipes

Here you will find the recipes, with step-by-step pictures, to make cakes at home. What would a birthday, or anniversary, or event, or party be, without cakes?
In fact, cakes are the cheerful food par excellence: they bring joy at first sight and nobody can resist them! Can you say no to a nice slice of chocolate cake? Can you not taste some apple pie? Or a creamy cheesecake?
There are so many different cakes, with so many different ingredients, combined in so many different ways… You just have to pick and you will be able to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.
Among the best-known and most appreciated cakes, there are chilled cakes like the famous one with ricotta and pears, international cakes like red velvet cake or the chocolatey mud cake, or more traditional baked cake, cheesecake included… In a word, a cake per every occasion!

A List of Recipes to Make Great Cakes at Home

Cakes Recipes recipes Skillet Cake I hadn’t ever tasted Skillet Cake, but after making biscuits, [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Oggy and the Cockroaches Cake Oggy and the Cockroaches Cake: this was the cake Elisa [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Torta Moretta (Brunette Cake) Torta Moretta (Brunette Cake) is a soft chocolate cake, quick [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Wall's Cornetto Cake Wall’s Cornetto Cake impressed me at first sight. After seeing [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Stracciatella Cake Stracciatella Cake is perfect to use the chocolate from Easter [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Fashion Zebra Cake Fashion Zebra Cake is the cake I made for a [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Pound Cake Pound Cake is a cake traditionally made with a pound [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Cookie Cake Cookie Cake is really yummy. It’s a cake made with [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Zucchini Cake I was suggested to make Zucchini Cake by our dear [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Green Cake Green Cake, that is to say the sweet spinach cake [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Soy Milk Cake This Soy Milk Cake is an experiments I made a [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Pink Rose Cake Pink Rose Cake is the cake I made for my [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Coffee & Chocolate Cake Coffee and Chocolate Cake is the dessert I made to [...]
Cakes Recipes recipes Lindt Chocolate Tart Lindt Chocolate Tart is the latest hit on my Facebook [...]
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