Cheesecakes Recipes

Cheesecake is a sweet layered dish made with a cheese cream and a crust. It can be both baked and unbaked.
The best-known version ever is New York Cheesecake, basically prepared all over the world. Ā It is made with a base crust of Digestive biscuits, a philadelphia cheese cream with vanilla flavor, and a sour cream icing. Other recipes have a cookie or even shortcrust base, and may have different cheese in the cream: here in Italy you can easily find mascarpone, ricotta, cream, or a mix. The basic recipe may also be enriched, with single or combined ingredients. For example, chocolate, fresh fruit, coffee, fruit in syrup, and even more.
You can also make a savory Cheesecake, by using crackers for the base and vegetables and cold cuts to enrich the cheese cream.

Here You Have a List of the Cheesecakes I’ve Tried so Far

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