Cocktails & Liqueurs Recipes

Cocktails & Liqueurs shoul never miss in any case, above all if you want to invite some guest for dinner.
Cocktail are a balanced mix of different ingredients, both alcoholic and not, together with various flavors, such as honey, milk, fruit or herbs. There are different tyopes of Cocktails: pre-dinner Cocktails, served as an aperitif before a meal; after-dinner Cocktails, with a higher alcohol content; long drinks, that are the most refreshing ones and can be adapted to many occasions…
Liqueurs usually have a high alcohol content and are served at the end of the meal as a digestif. They seem to have an Italian origin, going back to Middle Ages, when they was first created with a curative and medical scope. They usually are a kind of distilled spirit, with made from fruit, or nuts, or spices, flowers, herbs, and so on, and a sugar syrup.
Here in Italy, the best-known Liqueurs are limoncello, nocillo, fennel seed liqueur, chocolate liqueur.
In this category you will find the recipes to make Cocktails & Liqueurs, with proceeding and step-by-step pictures.

All the Recipes to Make Cocktails & Liqueurs at Home

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