Carnival Desserts Recipes

Like for other holidays, here in Italy (but not only) also Carnival has its typical recipes. On the whole, basically dessert recipes!
Carnival desserts, of course, vary from region to region, but are mainly divided into leavened or fried desserts.
Among leavened Carnival desserts, we have Krapfen, that, even if of Austrian origin, is made in Bolzano during Carnival period (Faschingskrapfen).
In Tuscany they use to make berlingozzo, a typical bundt cake, and schiacciata alla fiorentina.
As regards fried Carnival desserts, definitely everybody can take his pick!
Among the best-known, no doubt, we have chiacchiere, name differently in different regions around Italy: frappe, cenci, bugie, intrigoni…¬†Together with chiacchiere we usually serve sanguinaccio, a delicious dark chocolate spread.
Castagnole are another kind of typical Carnival dessert, quite popular all over Italy, but born in Northern regions.
In Neapolitan tradition, besides chiacchiere, we have migliaccio, zeppole and graffe.

Besides the Carnival desserts I’ve mentioned, we also use to make apple fritters, Pignolata Calabra, different kinds of zeppole, tortelli (also called ravioli dolci), Cicerchiata, and Struffoli (also made at Christmas time).
These are the most common and most widespread Italian Carnival desserts, but of course this is not a thorough list: we do have desserts for any taste!

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