Easter Desserts Recipes

Easter is the feast falling right after Lent: it’s the moment when fast stops. That’s why people use to give free play to yummy recipes, and especially desserts. Besides that, I admit, us Italian just and simply love eating!

Here in Italy we use to eat Easter desserts both on Easter Sunday and Monday, of course together with family and friends, to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As for any other feast, even for Easter every Italian region has its own recipes, also for desserts.
Ammond those, the best-known is colomba pasquale (Easter dove), first commercialized in Lobardy by the baker Motta, and soon widespread all over Italy.

Another definitely well-known dessert is Neapolitan pastiera, a sort of pie, with a shortbread crust filled with ricotta, pastry cream,l candied fruit and wheat grains.

In Sicily you can find the well-known cassata, made with sponge cake , ricotta, chocolate, candied fruit and marzipan.
And I can’t forget to mention Easter egg, THE symbol of Easter! We use to give it as a gift to family and friends on Easter Sunday.¬†And, if you should have any chocolate leftovers, don’t worry: you can use them to make a chocolate salami, often prepared and eaten in Emilia Romagna during Easter period.

These are just the best-known, but there also are tortano from Gaeta (a sweet preparation, very different from the savory boundt cake), Zambela from Romagna, Casadina from Sardinia, Pizza di Pasqua from Civitavecchia, Pie from Calabria, and schiacciata from Tuscany.

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