Valentine’s Day Desserts Recipes

They use to say that you should tempt your partner with food… So it wouldn’t be a real romantic feast, without a Valentine’s Day dessert! Whatever gift you’ve chosen for your partner, if you will accompany it with a Valentine’s Day dessert made by yourself, it will be like the proverbial cherry on the cake.
To tell the truth, there is no such a thing like an actual Valentine’s Day dessert… In fact, any dessert, with the right decoration and shape, can fit the occasion! Anyway, some desserts may be more suitable than others.
Chocolate, for example, is the real leading ingredient! You can also just make chocolate truffles, instead of an actual dessert. You could draw your inspiration from Perugina’s Baci (kisses) and fill them with crushed hazelnut. Or, you could add some hot pepper, a known aprodisiac ingredient, for an explosive, delicious recipe! Among Valentine’s Day desserts with chocolate and hot pepper, you can find chocolate truffles, mousses, cakes, and so on.
If you’ve decided to prepare a dinner on Valentine’s Day, you could offer some creamy sweet to have a light and refined dessert. For example, mousse, pudding, tiramisu, or even a chocolate melting cake.
If you would rather make a cake, as Valentine’s Day dessert, you can choose anyone you like (maybe with strawberries) and decorate according to the theme with sugar paste… or even make a chocolate marquise, strictly heart-shaped, of course!
As I’ve wrote, you can let your imagination run free and make any type of Valentine’s Day dessert, even cookies, truffles or cupcakes… All things considered, no matter: any recipe you may choose will be anyway appreciated, as long as you put your heart in it!

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