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Gluten is a protein found in wheat and related grains. Today celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are more and more widespread. That's why being able to cook gluten-free recipes is important.
Gluten gives elasticity to dough and helps rising, so making gluten-free dishes may seem difficult, but here you can find many recipes, from appetizer to desserts, easy to make thanks to the step-by-step pictures.
Go-ahead for rice, teff, quinoa, corn, amaranth and millet. And you can use flours and starches from buckwheat, chickpeas, chestnuts, sorghum, potatoes, soy…

N.B.: I've tried to please you by gathering here all my recipes with no gluten, but when talking about celiac disease there always is risk for non-experts to make mistakes. Please, check the recipes and report any slip, inaccuracy or mistake.
Remember: Several prepackaged food or ingredients may contain traces of cereals forbidden to people who have gluten-related disorders.

CAUTION: Before using any ingredient, make sure the crossed grain symbol is printed on the package and/or that the product has have been certified gluten-free.

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