Holiday Recipes

A party is not a party without a luxurious dinner, to gather our family and friends around a table laid with the most sumptuous dishes of our gastronomic repertoire. Even though cuisine is mainly based on imagination and experiments, there are some traditional dishes you can't avoid to add to your menu during feasts.
In these occasions, recipes are an integral part of customs and traditions, important to emphatize that special date, making it special compared to regular days.
That's why here in Italy we usually plan rich and elaborated meals for holidays… Would Christmas time be the same, with no pandoro and panettone? Or New Year's Eve, with no lentils?? I think they would probably look just standard days… Whereas bringing some traditional dish onto the table will instantly take you in the right direction, helping you to feel the feast.
Holiday Recipes can also be prepared in case of less “official” feasts, and in this case  you can let your imagination run free. Birthday parties, anniversaries and special events are great occasions to test yourself against the stove and try new recipes.
For each special occasion… there is a special recipe!

All the Recipes for Holidays and Special Occasions

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