Carnival Recipes

Carnival is the most colorful feast of the year. Like for any typical feast, every Italian region has its own traditions. So, you could taste different Carnival recipes according to the region you're visiting.
Carnival desserts are the real protagonists of this feast, but we also have tasty first course you should definitely try!

Why Carnival

At the beginning Carnival was born as a peasant feast, to celebrate the end of winter and approaching spring. But Christianity gave it a new meaning.
The word probably originated from dialect “carne levare”, to remove meat, since meat is prohibited during Lent. Actually, MArdi Gras occurs the day immediately before Lent, so it is the last day when you are allowed to eat meat.
So, we'll se the main dishes we use to make in Italy for the occasion.

Carnival Dishes

Among carnival first courses lasagna is guaranteed! It is typical of Campania, made with egg-pasta sheets stuffed with ricotta, meat, mozzarella and ragu sauce.
In Irpinia you can find frittata di bucatini. In Liguria they have tasty ravioli di carne alla genovese. In Veneto the most typical Carnival dish is bound to the classical character, “Papà del Gnoco”, characterized by a fork-shaped scepter with a gnocco stuck onto.

Typical Carnival Recipes

These undoubtedly are the most important Carnival recipes of Italian tradition, but, as I already mentioned, the protagonists unquestioned are desserts.

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