Christmas Recipes

Christmas recipes are an integral part of Christmas tradition all over Italy. Each region, but also each city, has its own typical Christmas recipes, but above all Christmas desserts are different from town to town. Each region has its Christmas soup, like famous wedding soup, with chicory and escarole and borage, in Campania, thistle soup in Abbruzzo, escarole soup in Basilicata, turnip and cotechino soup in Friuli Venezia Giulia, and still more.
As regards first courses, Italian Christmas recipes are divided into turf and surf dishes.
Among the first ones, we have lasagna, cappelletti, tortelli, gnocchetti, according to the regional traditions… As regards the second ones, here in Campania, for example, we have a strong tradition, with classic spaghetti with clams, or scialatielli with seafood.
Second courses too can be made with meat or fish. About fish, in almost every Italian region they use to make Christmas recipes with dried salt cod. About meat, you can easily find recipes with lamb, capon and beef, but also with duck. Of course there also is any kind of appetizers and desserts and dried fruit later.

Christmas Recipes Around the World

Africa: among traditional Christmas recipes in Africa, the most popular dish is turkey, followed by any kind of roasted meat, like suckling pig, and still rice with turmeric and raisins, plum pudding and vegetables.
Australia: here too, turkey and pig are the leading ingredients on Christmas tables. About desserts, Christmas pudding is definitely the most popular one: according to tradition, a gold nugget, bringing good fortune to the one who will find it.
Alaska: among Christmas recipes in Alaska, you can find maple-frosted doughnuts, smoked salmon and traditional Piruk (fish pie).
Brasil: once more, you will find roasted turkey, together with colored rice, and wonderful vegetables and fruit dishes.
Finland: Finnish Christmas recipes are above all fish-based, especially dried salted codfish. They also use to eat meat, and use to accompany their dishes with boiled potatoes.

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