Halloween Party Recipes

Pumpkin is the ruling ingredient, together with anything remind to orange color, one of the symbols of the feast.
You can surely take your pick as regards pumpkin recipes, from appetizers to desserts! If, on the contrary, you don't want to use pumpkin, you can definitely take your pick, as any dish can be decorated according to Halloween theme.

Here you have my suggestion for a possible Halloween menu:
Halloween Appetizer Recipes:
If you want to keep the “pumpkin theme”, you could opt for pumpkin carpaccio, pumpkin muffins, fritters, pumpkin and grana croquettes, were-pie, witch guts, etc.

Halloween First Course Recipes:
As per pumpkin first courses, you could make lasagna, risotto, gnocchi, ravioli, pumpkin tagliatelle Wellington, pumpkin cream soup, etc.

Halloween Second Course Recipes:

As a second course you could make a delicious pampkin flan with fondue, fried pumpkin flowers and pumpkin purée. But, if you prefer to change ingredient, you can create some nicely spooky cut-off fingers, just with würstel and ketchup, or even some bat eggs with mayonnaise.

Halloween Dessert Recipes:

And finally desserts… you can basically make any dessert you like, and then theme-decorate it. You can make cut-off fingers here too, with some shortbread pastry, or use sugar paste and make spiders, ghosts and bats to decorate cakes and cupcakes. Or even Halloween theme shaped cookies with icing decoration.

Traditional Halloween Recipes
Barm Brack, or Barnbrack: of Celtic origin, it is a kind of bread, stuffed with dried fruit and with a ring, a thimble, a coin and a piece of cloth… according to tradition, who will find the ring will tie the knot within the year; if you'll find the thimble, you are neve getting merried; the coin stands for wealth, and the cloth for poverty.
Colcannon: this Irish recipe, used on Saint Patrick's day too, is a sort of stew with potatoes and green onions.
Pumkin pie: is the classic American Halloween recipe.
Candied Apples: a recipe with origin in Newark in 1908, with a clear reference to Snow White withched apple.

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