Valentine’s Day Recipes

Ricette di San Valentino 14 Febbraio 2012 Ricette di San Valentino30 min

Valentine’s Day recipes are above all dishes with seafood, often considered aphrodisiac, and anyway more refined than turf menu.
Fish-based main courses are a lot, they all can fit this occasion, but a risotto is definitely the most elegant solution. Among the Valentine’s Day Recipes you can find, for example, salmon risotto or, even better, risotto with  Norway lobster cream.
Even if not everybody love oysters, they can’t miss in a surf menu for Velentine’s Day, exactly because they’re another aphrodisiac food.

If you just don’t want a surf menu, but you’re anyway searching for something original and refined, you could try my strawberry risotto… Which better ingredient han strawberries, to celebrate your love? Contrary to what you mau think, it doesn’t taste sweet at all, but it is mild and refined.
Alternatively, you could also make a champagne risotto, as much refined.
As a second course, together with risotto, you could make a green pepper tenderloin, which combines perfectly with it.

Finally, remember to accompany the Valentine’s Day recipes you’ve chosen for your romantic dinner with the perfect wine, and, of course, some sparkling wine too.

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