Chinese Cuisine Recipes

Chinese cuisine has a millenary tradition. It is based on the armony of ingredients: all the savors should be perfectly balanced, no one pravailing on the others.
It mainly rely on rice, noodles, fish and vegetables, as are economic, easily found, nourishing, filling, as well as tasty and versatile. Meat, more expensive, is used in smaller quantities.

Young ears of maize, bean sprouts and Chinese kale leaves give dishes a unique freshness and fragrance.
Fish gives most of proteins. One of the few ingredient unused in Chinese cuisine is milk an, together with dairy products.
The only “cheese” you will find in Chinese recipes is tofu, a soy cheese, inveted right in China.

Sauces are essential in Chinese cuisine: some is used as a real ingredient in recipes, some other ones accompany vegetable or meat dishes. They use to accompany most of dishes with some sauce, to give a hint of hot, sweet, salty or just flavored taste.

On a Chinese table, usually round, usually everybody has a bowl for soup, a small bowl for tea or wine, a small dish for soy sauce, and of course the chopsticks. All the courses are brought onto the table at the same time, in a number equal to the number of the people at the table.

They woulf rather drink tea, much appreciated for its digestive and decongestant properties.

Two dishes much in demand are shark fin soup and bird’s nest soup, considered as aphrodisiac foods.

Since the great extent of the Country, and the following huge difference in climate and ambiental conditions, Chinese cuisine may be divided in four different cuisines: Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western cuisines.
Chinese cuisine we know and appreciate here in Italy is actually a southern cuisine: Cantonese cuisine.
Fried rice (that we known as riso alla cantonese, Cantonese rice), together with spring rolls and almond chicken are the best-known Chinese recipes here in Italy.

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