French Cuisine Recipes

French Cuisine is renowned all over the world and considered amongst the most refined and elegant ones.
Traditional French cuisine is quite varied and, of course, different according to the regions.
Unlikely us Italians, the French don’t use to eat pasta, but rather richer meat or fish single courses, besides inevitable cheeses. Roquefort, used for salads or soufflés, flan or hot sauces, is maybe the best-known one, but there are many and many others.

The French are also famous for their viennoiseries: baked goods like croissantsmadeleinesbriochespains au chocolat

The most popular appetizers are usually made with vegetables, both raw and cooked, accompanied with any kind of sauces, like Aioli sauce or Roquefort sauce. They often eat soups, like the famous soupe a l’oignon, onion soup.

Other French recipes are, for example, crêpes (both sweet and savory), soufflés, mousses, flans and quiches (a kind of savory tarts, with a crust of pâte brisée and a variable filling: the most famous one is quiche lorraine).

Among the best-known French desserts, tarte tatin, a sort of  upside-down apple tart, macarons, sweet almond and meringue-based confection, croquembouche, consisting of a cone-shaped pile of choux-pastry balls filled with whipped cream and bound with threads of caramel,  crème brûlée, the most famous creamy desserts, and many others.

Among French wines, I must mention Champagne and Bordeaux, but of course there are many others.

Following, you’ll find the French recipes I’ve made so far.

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