Japanese Cuisine Recipes

The main ingredient of Japanese Cuisine is rice. But they also eat noodles and  pasta. Fish, meat and vegetables are the other important ingredients of Japanese tradition. All dishes are usually seasoned with spices and soy sauce.

Among the best-known dishes of Japanese Cuisine there are sushi and sushimi. But, also, ramen, tempura and other preparations, like tofu and wasabi.

Japanese dishes are mostly prepared with the same ingredients (considered as the most healthy and balanced worldwide), but cooking methods vary and charachterize them. Fish, for example, can be served raw, fried, grilled, or smoked, usually flavored with spices and sauces.

Great importance is also given to the cutting methods, as all the ingredients should be easy to bring to the mouth through the chopsticks. So, almost each ingredient as its own special and more suitable cutting method. The same is as regards decoration and fruit and vegetable carving.

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