Mexican Cuisine Recipes

Mexican recipes are usually quite spiced, colorful and tasty. The secret of Mexican cuisine lies in fusion with ancient gastronomic traditions, from Aztec to Mayan, then mixed with Spanish and Mediterranean influence. For example, many ingredients have been imported from Spain, like wheat, or pig and other tame animals.
Just like Mexico reminds to sun, hot weather and cheerfulness, Mexican cuisine sets up a party of colors and savors.

The main elements of Mexican cuisine?
Tortillas, a type of flatbread, used to accompany many dishes, or as a base for many recipes. They generally use to make tortillas from wheat flour in the Northern states, or from corn flour in the South.
Beans: in Mexico they have several varieties, from soft pink beans in the North to black ones in Southern states.
Hot peppers, giving some spirit to Mexican cuisine: they use to eat them raw or cooked, filled, fried, stew or in sauces, to accompany almost every kind of food. Of course, they do not limit to hot peppers: in Mexican cuisine you will also find cinnamon, cumin, cloves, mint, marjoram, cilantro…

Among the most popular Mexican recipes:
– Burritos consist of wheat flour tortillas wrapped into cylindrical shapes around a filling of beans and meat with chile sauce.
Empanadas are corn or wheat flour tortillas, crescent-shaping closed around a filling of, among others, meat, cheese, vegetables or fruits. They can be baked or deep-fried.
Enchiladas are corn flour tortillas rolled around a filling (different combinations of meat, potatoes, beans, cheese, vegetables, seafood…), covered with a chile sauce.
Fajitas: a dish of grilled meat served on flour or corn tortillas with onions and bell peppers, sometimes with guacamole sauce.
Tacos are crunchy corn or wheat flour tortillas folded in half around a filling, usually meat, cheese and vegetables, sometimes with guacamole sauce.

Sauces are an essential element of Mexican cuisine… Among the best-known there is guacamole, made with avocado, lime juice, salt and abundant black pepper. Prepared with a mortar, it has ancient Aztec origins.

The most famous Mexican drink? Tequila!

Following, the Mexican recipes I’ve prepared so far.

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