Spanish Cuisine Recipes

Spanish Cuisine is a melting pot of different cultures and savors.
It’s not a real national cuisine, as it changes according to the communities. Those overlooking the sea have more varied and imaginative recipes, with much fish, and meat, and vegetables. Inside communities mostly use meat and legumes.

Among the best-known Spanish recipes there is paella, a single course made with rice, vegetables and meat/seafood (sometimes both of them), whose name comes from the pan where it is cooked and served.
Also, tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette), an omelette with potatoes and sometimes onions. Tortilla is often served as a “tapa”, appetizer. Spaniards often use to ir de tapas (have the happy hour) and eat tapas and drink some beer or sangria in the time between finishing work and having dinner.

Other famous dishes are gazpacho (a sort of cold soup with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic and peppers, seasoned with oil, vinegar and herbs), sopa de ajo (garlic soup, served with croutons).
As regards desserts, I must definitely mention crema catalana (Catalan cream),  a creamy dessert with a hard caramel topping.

Spanish Cuisine has a great merit too: having imported, from America, potatoes, chocolate, bell peppers, vanilla and tomatoes.
Thanks to 7-century Arab rule, they also impoirted in Europe some spices, like saffron and cumin, and food, like citrus.
Last, but not least, Romans introduced garlic and olive oil.

Following, Spanish recipes I’ve made so far.

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