Pizzas Recipes

Pizza and Focaccia Bread are two major staple food in Italy. There is plenty of recipes to make¬†Pizzas and Focaccia Breads, different for taste, texture, genuineness…
The best-known Pizza is Margherita, of course, which is now famous all over the world. But today there are countless varieties about Pizza toppings… You can make it with cheese, tomato sauce, vegetables, cold cuts… or ¬†even with Nutella spread! Also, you can just bake it, or you can make a fried pizza or cazone. Ad you can give it the shape you like, the classic round shape, or different ones.
As regards Focaccia Bread, it was originally born as a humble dish, but it has a long tradition, for example in Liguria and Puglia. You can make a classic recipe or choose to top it in a different way… It will anyway be delicious!

A List of Recipes to Make Pizzas and Focaccia Breads at Home

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