Recipes for Kids

Ricette per bambini
In this section you will find all the Recipes for Kids I've tried so far. But, also, tips and ideas to make at home those unhealthy packaged snacks kids usually love so much.
From breakfast to supper, all these recipes are conceived to be appreciated by the youngest ones as well. For example, they are often presented in some fancy manner, in order to attract the kids' attention, even if they are reluctanct to eat vegetables or fish.
Besides that, you will also find a few recipes for babies' weaning, as well as yummy treats to satisfy the crave for sweets of your sweeties.

for Kids recipes Sweet Rolled Sandwiches The recipe to make Sweet Rolled Sandwiches is really easy [...]
for Kids recipes Flauti Mulino Bianco Chocolate Flauti are soft sweet bread filled with [...]
for Kids recipes Oggy and the Cockroaches Cake Oggy and the Cockroaches Cake: this was the cake Elisa [...]
for Kids recipes Fake Puff Pastry Berliners Do you want to make a quick and yummy pastry, [...]
for Kids recipes Strawberry Milkshake Today I’m posting my recipe to make Strawberry Milkshake. Since [...]
for Kids recipes Plain Ice Cream Plain Ice Cream is made up of milk, cream and [...]
for Kids recipes Asparagus Risotto Asparagus Risotto is a typical spring recipe, the first asparagus [...]
for Kids recipes Braided Cookies Good mornig everybody! After spending a whole weekend with Elisa [...]
for Kids recipes Tagliatelle with Green Pea Puree Last week I was about to make classic pasta and [...]
for Kids recipes Milk Buns Milk Buns are tiny and super-soft buns we usually have, [...]
for Kids recipes Berliners Berliners, or krapfens, are a kind of an Austrian pastry, [...]
for Kids recipes Baked Breaded Fish Fillets The recipe to make Baked Breaded Fish Fillets was born [...]
for Kids recipes Fruit Skewers Fruit Skewers are a great alternative to the classic fruit [...]
for Kids recipes Brigadeiro Brigadeiro is a famous Brazilian bonbon, made with condensed milk [...]
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