Salads Recipes

Used as an appetizer or a side dish, Salad is a typical summer dish. Its name comes from ancient Latin “salata”, from sal, “salt”, as it actually is usually seasoned with salt and evo oil, sometimes with additional ingredient as well, like vinegar, lemon or black pepper.

With Salad I usually mean a dish made with some leaf vegetable, such as lettuce or endive, and often enriched with more vegetables, like tomatoes, carrots, fennels or radish.

Besides the classic vegetable Salad, there are countless possible variations, even with pasta, rice, or different cereals, like barley or farro. After cooking, you just need to let them cool down and the season them with the ingredients you prefer: cheeses, tuna, vegetables…
You can also use, as a base ingredient for your Salad, chicken, or turkey, or even fish and sea food. In this way, you will have a fresh and light single course.

Here You Will Find a List of the Best-Known Salads.

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