Potato Salads Recipes

Potato Salads are among the most appreciated recipes, above all during summer, when people don’t want to eat hot dishes a have no willing to stay at the stove!
Thanks to the many recipes to make Potato Salads, you can make a delicious side dish, or even single course,  in advance and bring it to your table at the eleventh hour.
Since potato can be accompanied with a huge variety of ingredients, the recipes to make Potato Salads can vary a lot. So you can make a light salad just with potatoes, a few more vegetables, and some seasoning. Or else, you can make a richer version, for example with mayonnaise, tuna, onions and mustard. Or even try new combinations, like with anchovies and capers!

Potato Salads Recipes recipes Tzatziki Potato Salad This Tzatziki Potato Salad is one of my favorite salads. [...]