Soups Recipes

The term Soup indicates a sort of liquid food, usually served warm. Here in Italy we use to consider it as a first course, but somewhere else they also serve it as an appetizer, for example, or even dessert!
Originally Soups were considered as humble dishes. They were only enriched in special occasions, or on the table of lords and rich people in general.
There are different types of Soups: they are mainly classified as clear Soups and thick Soups. A consommé is a clear soup made with richly flavored and clarified stock. Veloutés are usually thickened with eggs, cream, potatoes or butter.
Here in Italy we also use to make minestrone, a soup with diced vegetable, often served with the addiction of some pasta or rice inside.

All the Recipes to Make Delicious Soups, from Italian Cuisine and Not

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