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These Rice Balls, besides being an easy and fancy appetizer, are a great idea to use extra rice. The first time I made them, they sold like hot cakes, so now even if I don’t have any extra rice, from the previous day, I make them anyway 🙂
I used plain boiled rice, seasoned it with saffron, butter and parmesan, added some diced fior di latte tagliato, and eggs to make it congeal.
Try them and let me know!
I leave you to the recipe and go to enjoy the sea with my baby girl, kisses :-*

Ingredients for 20 balls:
130 g of rice
1 egg
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1/2 packet of saffron
25 g of grated parmesan
80 g of fior di latte

2 eggs
50 g of bread crumbs
seed oil

Preparation Time: 35 min
Cooking Time: 15 min
Total Time: 50 min

How to make Rice Balls

Cook rice in a pot with hot-boiling salted water. Drain it when still a bit firm.

Rice Balls (1)
Rice Balls (2)

Put rice in a bowl together with egg, saffron, chopped parsley, butter and parmesan.

Rice Balls (3)

Combine, then also add diced fior di latte.

Rice Balls (4)
buy Asacol Rice Balls (5)

Wet you hands, and shape rice balls. Place them on a plate.

Rice Balls (6)

Rolle them in a beated egg and then in bread crumbs.

Rice Balls (7)
Rice Balls (8)

Pan-fry your Rice Balls in a pan with some warm seed oil.

Rice Balls (9)
Rice Balls (10)

Serve hot.

Rice Balls

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Rice Balls
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Rice Balls

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