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Sautéed Clams is one of classic Italian clam recipes. It is a simple and easy-to-make dish, used as an appetizer or to season pasta.
Sautéing is a method of cooking food, that uses a small amount of oil in a pan over relatively high heat, so that the ingredients will preserve their texture, moisture and flavor. In Italy we use it with every kind of molluscs.
In summer I use to make Sautéed Clams quite often, as it’s one of the few fish dishes Ivano eats. Actually, today we’re having an amazing spaghetti meal!
XOX and have a nice Sunday 😉

Ingredients for 4 servings: buy Valtrex
1,5 kg of clams buy Strattera 40 mg
1 clove of garlic
white wine
hot pepper
extra-virgin olive oil

Preparation Time: 10 min.
Cooking Time: 10 min.
Tempo totale: 20 min. + 1 hour for clam purging

How to make Sautéed Clams

Make the clams purge from the sand in salted water for about 1 hour, then carefully wash them under running water (clic here to see the guide).

1 vongole a spurgare

Pan-fry the peeled garlic with hot pepper and oil.

1 olio aglio peperoncino

Add the clams and cook on high heat, with a lid, until they open.

3 saute di vongole

Now simmer with white wine until reduced. At last, add the chopped parsley.

4 saute di vongole

Serve Sautéed Clams with croutons or toasts.

buy Combivent online saute di vongole

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Sautéed Clams
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Sautéed Clams

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