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As you know, I love puff pastry, and I always have a prepackaged sheet in the fridge: any time I have no time and I want to make something good, it definitely save the day 😉 But… what about if I’m out of puff pastry (and I don’t have the time to let brisée pastry rest)?? While sifting through notes and notes of recipes to try, I found the recipe to make a Savory Pie Crust, with no rising nor resting. A self-made dough, ready in 2 minutes. And without dirtying anything! Honestly, I was skeptycal about the result, that’s why I was delaying and delaying… But last night I decided to try… and I was really impressed and satisfied by the result! All you need to do is: place the ingredients in an air-tight bowl in a certain order, close the lid, and shake the bowl for a couple of minutes. That’s it! Then you will just have to roll out the dough and use it to make your pie. Of course, you can stuff it with whatever filling you like. Later I’ll post you the recipe I made. For now, here you have my quick Savory Pie Crust, ready in 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ll appreciate 😉

Ingredients for a 24 cm pan:
250 g of pastry flour
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of instant yeast buy Plan B
buy Accutane 100 ml of water
100 ml of seed oil

Preparation Time: 5 min.
Total Time: 5 min.

How to make Savory Pie Crust

Put, in a water-tight container, flour, salt, yeast, lukewarm water and oil in an air-tight container, in this exact order.

Close the container, then shake it vigorously for 2-3 minutes, first upwards-downwards, then sideways.

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Now open the container: the dough will be ready!.

Just knead it by hand on a floured surface, quite quickly, then you will be able to roll it out till getting a sheet of the thickness you prefer.

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Savory Pie Crust
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Savory Pie Crust

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