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Cannolis are a classic recipe of our beautiful Sicily. At my home, they never miss during Christmas holydays. I love them, but finding good Cannolis here in Naples is not that simple, and if you want them with no chocolate layer inside the shell, almost impossible! A while ago, a client of ours brought us Cannolis straight from Palermo. Much to our surprise, he arrived with two different packages: one with the shells and the other with the filling! He actually told us that real Cannolis have no chocolate layer inside the shell: they must be filled-in at the eleventh hour, so that the shells stay crunchy. The chocolate layer only serves as an isolating if they are filled-up ahead.
So, after wandering far and wide to find sheep ricotta cheese from Sicily, I got started and tried making my first cannolis. I followed his advice: I prepared the shells the day before, and I filled them in only in the nick of time, just before serving them. Crunchy shell, creamy stuffing… Only one word: heavenly!
Here you have my Monday morning treat before Christmas. If you wanna try, you need first of all the aluminum mold to make the shells (I used the small ones), as well as Sicily ricotta cheese for the stuffing.
Even here, like with every regional recipe, there is plenty of variants: I tried this one and loved it! Have a good Monday, and enjoy your cooking!

Ingredients for 40 Cannolis:
250 g of pastry flour
order misoprostol online 25 g of butter
25 g of sugar
5 g of plain cocoa
1 egg
70 ml of marsala wine
1 pinch of salt cheap Lithium

750 g of sheep ricotta cheese cheap Baclofen 10 mg
200 g of icing sugar
150 g of chocolate chips

candied cherries
icing sugar

Preparation Time: 40 min.
Cooking Time: 20 min.
Total Time: 1 hour + 30 min. for resting

How to make Sicilian Cannolis

Put in a bowl flour, sugar, cocoa and salt, in a mound. Make a well in the middle and put inside the egg (putting aside part of the white) and the melted butter.
1 cannoli siciliani
Knead the dough adding, slowly, the Marsala wine: it will result a not too soft dough.

2 cannoli siciliani

Form a ball, cover it with plastic wrap and let it rest for about 30 minutes.

3 cannoli siciliani

Share the dough in two halves, therafter roll the dough until it is very thin.
4 cannoli siciliani

Cut some circles with a dough cutter (the diameter will depend on the cannoli mold you’ll be using).
5 cannoli siciliani

Put a mold in the middle of every dough circle.
6 cannoli siciliani

Wrap the dough around the mold, and seal the edges by brushing them with a bit of the egg white you put aside, slightly beaten.
7 cannoli siciliani

Put your cannolis on a surface covered in flour, as you make them.
8 cannoli siciliani

Deep fry them, no more than 2-3 of them at a time.
9 cannoli siciliani

When they are golden brown, pluck them from the oil and let them drain and cool on blotting paper.
10 cannoli siciliani

Once they are cold, very carefully slide every cannoli off the mold (pay attention: they’re very delicate!)
11 cannoli siciliani

Now prepare the ricotta filling: put ricotta and sugar in a bowl.
12 cannoli siciliani

Sift them together, then add the chocolate and stir.
13 cannoli siciliani

Fill the shells with the ricotta.
14 cannoli siciliani

Put your cannolis on a tray.

15 cannoli siciliani

Decorate the ends with a candied cherry, then sparkle with icing sugar and serve.

cannoli siciliani

Here you have my first Sicilian Cannolis.


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Sicilian Cannoli
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