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Sour Cherry Pie is a pie my grandmother uses to make, with pastry cream. She uses to call it pizza con la crema (pastry cream pizza). This is a typical sweet preparation that here in Naples we use to make during Easter week, together with Pastiera.
Sour Cherry Pie has a mild taste, thanks to the pastry cream. Once they used to make it with homemade sour cherries in syrup… and it was terrific!!!
For the first time, I’ve decided not to wait till Easter period, and to make pastry cream pizza by myself. My granny uses to make a classic covered pie, but I decided to add only a few stripes 🙂
I know that Sour Cherry Pie is now a “trandy” recipe, once more, thanks to a new version by De Riso (a famous Italian pastry maker), but I can guarantee that this pie has no need for new version at all. At least, this is my opinion, as I’m quite bond to my family traditions 😛

P.S.: The flu which accompanied me during the last week is finally over. Thak you for your messages for best wishes for a speedy recovery… I guess they worked out 😉 So, in order to thank you, I give you today my recipe to make Pastry Cream and Sour Cherry Pie, and I virtually offer you a slice.
I hope to be able to start making some Christmas recipes next weekend :-*

Ingredients for a 24 cm pie pan:
Ingredients for the shortcrust pastry:
300 g of pastry flour
2 eggs
100 g of butter
100 g of sugar
1 packet of vanillin Cytotec without prescription
1 tsp of baking soda

Ingredients for the pastry cream: Lasix online
4 yolks Ventolin price
100 g of sugar
50 g of pastry flour
400 ml of milk
100 g of sour cherries
zucchero a velo

Preparation Time: 40 min.
Baking Time: 40 min.
Total Time: 1 hour and 20 min.

How to make Sour Cherry Pie

Put a mound of flour and sugar in the centre of a working surface, or in a large bowl, make a well in the middle and pour inside soft butter, eggs, vanillin, and baking soda.

Knead quickly the ingredients with your fingertips. When ready, make a ball.

Cover the dough ball with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Meanwhile let’s make the pastry cream.
Beat yolks and sugar in a heavy base saucepan, then stir in the sifted flour. Slowly add the milk, and combine.


ook on a low heat, while continuously stirring to prevent lump formation.

Let simmer until it will have thickened.
Add 2 tablespoons of sour cherry syrup, and let cool down. Just stir gently every once and a while, so that it will stay smooth.

Take back your shortcrust pastry and roll it out evenly on a floured surface. Butter a 24 cm pie pan and put the sheet of dough inside.

Now pour the pastry cream inside.
Make some pastry stripes out of the remaining shortcrust pastry with a practical crimper pasta cutting wheel, and lay them over the cream. Fold the external edges of the shortcrust inside, over the cream and the stripes.

Now decorate each rhombus with one sour cherry and a little of syrup. Alternatively, you can also make as my grandmother does, and pour sour cherries and their syrup directly onto the pastry cream, and then close the pie with another sheet of shortcrust dough.

Bake the pia at 180°C for about 40 minutes.

Take the pie out of the oven, let cool down, then sprinkle with icing sugar.

Now you can slice and serve your PSour Cherry Pie 😛

crostata di crema e amarene

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Sour Cherry Pie
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Sour Cherry Pie

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