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Strawberry Bavarian Cream is this summer’s first creamy dessert. Bavarian Cream has a French origin, it is similar to a pudding, consisting of a Crème Anglaise (similar to pastry cream, but thickened just with eggs, not flour) base, with gelatin and whipped cream.
The original recipe only consists of Crème Anglaise, whipped cream and vanilla, but you can enrich it with some fresh fruit, in this case stawberries, or coffee, or chocolate, and so on.
Strawberry Bavarian Cream is a fresh and mild dessert, perfect for this period and for strawberry lovers, as I am 🙂

Ingredients for 8 servings:
300 g of strawberries
150 g of sugar 300 ml of whipping cream
buy Plavix 4 yolks
400 ml of milk
1 lemon zest
20 g of gelatin

Preparation Time: 20 min.
Total Time: 20 min. + 4 hours for refrigerating

How to make Strawberry Bavarian Cream

First and foremost, leave the gelatin in some cold water.
Rinse and clean the strawberries. Put some aside to decorate the Bavarian Cream, and blend the rest with 50 gr of sugar (taken from the 150 gr).

Now let’s make the Crème Anglaise. Let simmer the milk with the lemon zest. Meanwhile, whisk the yolks with the remaining sugar in a mixing bowl, till creamy and frothy. Now take off the lemon zest and slowly stir in the milk on the yolks.

Cook on a very low heat, while stirring all the time, till it reaches a point of boil.
Once ready, turn the gas off, add the gelatin (squeezed), and stir.

Let the Crème Anglaise cool down, and meanwhile whip the cream. Then stir the cream into the Crème Anglaise.

At last, gently stir the cream into the strawberries.

Pour the mixture inside a loaf pan, covered with some plastic wrap (I forgot it, and have some difficulties to turn it out), and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Turn it upside-down on a platter and gently take off the plastic wrap.
Decorate your Strawberry Bavarian Cream with some whipped cream and strawberries, then slice and serve.

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Strawberry Bavarian Cream
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Strawberry Bavarian Cream

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