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Last week it was my husband’s birthday, and he asked me a strawberry cake. I had read Marialuisa’s Strawberry Tiramisu recipe on the forum, and I decided to make it as his birthday cake. In order to make my Strawberry Tiramisu more beautiful and special, I tried and made some decoration, something, as you know, I’m not that good at, both because I have no patient about that and because I have no manual ability for that. Anyway, as it’s a first experiment, I cannot complain at all! My sweetheart said he’d never seen such a beautiful and delicious cake… But, you know, is kind of partisan ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy birthday my love, I dedicate this Strawberry Tiramisu recipe to you :-*

Ingredients for a 24 cm cake pan:
500 g of buy Baclofen online ladyfingers
500 g buy metoclopramide online of strawberries
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125 g of sugar
250 g of mascarpone cheese
200 ml of whipping cream

Ingredients for the strawberry syrup:
200 g of strawberries
100 g of sugar
300 ml of water
2 tbsp of limoncello

Preparation Time: 40 min.
Total Time: 40 min. + 3 hours for refrigerating

How to make Strawberry Tiramisu

Let’s start from the strawberry syrup: blend strawberries and sugar with a mixer, then add in water and limoncello, and let simmer till it thickens. Turn the gas off, and let cool down.
Now the mascarpone cheese… Separate yolks and egg whites. Whip the cream. Beat yolks and sugar till light and frothy, then stir in the mascarpone.


Whisk the egg whites till stiff. Then slowly add the whites and the cream into the mascarpone cream.


Amalgamate very gently the mascarpone cream, then put it into the fridge.


Dip the ladyfingers in the syrup (now cold), one at a time, for only a couple of seconds (do not soak them wet, or they will fall apart). Then place them on the bottom of a springform pan, in one layer, breaking them in half if necessary in order to fit and cover the whole base.
Cut off the top from one side of (about) 25 ladyfingers: you need them to be as high as the pan. Dip them in the syrup (only one side), and make a sort of fence around the inner side of the pan, with the dipped side inwards.


Now pour a some mascarpone cream onto your ladyfingers. Slice 2/3 of the strawberries (you will use the remaining whole strawberries to decorate the tiramisu). Spread some sliced strawberries over the cream.


Cover with another layer of dipped ladyfingers.


Finish with a last layer of mascarpone cream. Decorate with the remaining (whole) strawberries, and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.


Take the sides of the pan out from the base, and serve your Strawberry Tiramisu.

And here you have a pic of my happy sweetie, sinking his teeth into the Strawberry Tiramisu ๐Ÿ™‚


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Strawberry Tiramisu
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Strawberry Tiramisu

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