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Sugar Paste, also called gum paste or sugar gum, is a dough made with icing sugar, water, gelatin and glucose. It is white, but can be colored with food coloring agents. Then you can use it to create decorations for and to cover cakes and cupcakes.
It’s been ages since I started to think I want to try and make Sugar Paste… But I’ve never done it before because it is usually made with glucose, and I imagined many of you wold have had difficulties in finding it. So I sterted to search for a Sugar Paste recipe with no glucose, and I’ve found this one, where honey is used to replace glucose.
Easy and quick to make, Sugar Paste is a great alternative to marshmallow fondant I had tried some time ago.

Ingredients to cover a 24 cm cake:
30 ml of water
4 g of gelatin
50 g of honey
450 g of icing sugar Order Retin-A
food coloring agents

Preparation Time: 30 min.
Tempo totale: 30 min.

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How to make Sugar Paste

Let soak the gelatin in some cold water.

Then pour it all in a saucepan with honey.

Let dissove completely, then pour the mixture into a food processor, on top of all the icing sugar.

Keep combining on a low speed till it the mix forms into a rough ball.

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Then dust a clean surface with icing sugar, and knead the mix by hand .

Keep kneading until it gets smooth and consistent.

It should be quite malleable.

If you want to add any colors this is the right moment. Divide it into smalled balls and add different food coloring in each. Wear disposable gloves and knead to evenly distribute the color.

Here you have a picture of the colored Sugar Paste I’ve made today, ready to bee used as soon as I get inspired 😉

N.B. You can store Sugar Paste in a fresh place (but outside the fridge) for a few months, a soon as it is closed inside a food bag and then inside an air-tight container.
When you need it, just warm it up a little, with microwave ove or classic oven. Add some water if needed to soften it.

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Sugar Paste
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Sugar Paste

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