In this section of my blog you will find the leading Swedish recipes of Scandinavian tradition, which is quite ancient and specific, with strong, tasty savors. Thanks to its position, Sweden has a both meat (reindeer’s, elk’s, veal’s and pig’s) and fish.
In Italy, for example, we all know and appreciate their fish- or meatballs (usually bought at the well-known Swedish furniture shop). Caviar, marinade salmon, and herring, prepared in different ways, are among the typical element of Swedish gastronomy.

Because of its severe climate, Sweden hasn’t a strong tradition about vegetables, but, for instance, turnips and potatoes are spread, and I cannot forget to mention their potato pancakes, with meat and lingonberry jam.

Best-known Swedish recipes are desserts, usually spiced with cinnamon and ginger, like pepparkakor (similar to ginger snaps) or kanelbullar (a sort of cinnamon rolls), made above all at Christmas time, maybe with some mulled wine.

All recipes from Sweden

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