Carnival is the ideal occasion to spend a cheerful night with plenty of music, colorful masks and, of course, delicious traditional recipes.

Tips for Carnival

There is plenty of possible tips for Carnival, above all if you are planning to give a party at home! So, let’s see together how can you prepare your house to properly welcome your guests in disguise.

First and foremost, you need to decide what kind of party are you going to throw. For example, having a theme party could be a nice tips for Carnival: you would decorate the house on a theme, that your guest should then follow as regards their fancy-dress costumes. Otherwise, if you would prefer more classic tips for Carnival, then the key word is color!

You can buy colorful festoons and streamers, or make your own decorations, included masks to hang on the walls.
Together with confetti, these are the symbols that can’t miss during a Carnival party. To decorate your house, you just have to choose about festoons, that you can make by hand or buy.

Among the tips for Carnival I should mention something about the table, theme recipes included. Here in Italy we have plenty of certain traditional recipes, like chiacchiere, sanguinaccio, migliaccio, castagnole, and, of course, lasagna.
But if you are searching some fancy tips about recipes, you can give free rain to your imagination and make, for instance, nice mask-shaped cookies, or even crispy and super-colored edible streamers.

Besides the recipes, I cannot forget about table decoration, that should definitely be colorful. You could even add a few cups full with candies.

In a word, any ideas you may pick for Carnival, do not forget color, music, traditional desserts and high spirits!