Many tips and recipes, original and classic, to celebrate Christmas.

Tips for Christmas

To prepare your house (and your spirit) for Christmas, you can let your imagination run free, and create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Together with normally bought Christmas decorations, you may thinck to make more by yourself. For example, you could make some for your Christmas tree, or, also, you can make a centrepiece, or even make some creative activities with your kids through painting, decoupage, etc. You may also consider eco-friendly decorations, and make them with food. Exactly! It is a great way to help environment and also give free play to your creativity and imagination!

Food Christmas Decorations

Among food Christmas decorations, the most popular are hanging-tree cookies, from classic gingerbread men to common shortbread cookies, plain or decorated with sugar icing… If you want to make yummy Christmas decorations, use Christmas-theme cookie cutters and just make a hole in one end: after baking you’ll just have to thread some ribbon through each hole!
Another idea for a do-it-yourself Christmas? Make a Christmas garland by twisting twigs (usually the most flexible ones are vine and wisteria’s), and decorate it with some dried fruit, like orange slices, leaves, hot peppers, cinnamon sticks, and so on. You want more? make chocolates at home, wrap them in colored paper and use some ribbon to hang them to your Christmas tree.
If you want a flavored tree, you could hang some small cloth bags, filled with orange zest, cloves, lemon zest, and so on. With some cinnamon sticks, liquorice roots and vanilla beans you can also make nice place cards for your table: just tie some of them with a red or golden ribbon.
Of course a nice centrepiece can’t miss, and you can definitely take your pick with that! Candles are a must, but you can choose the base (ceramic plate, glass tray, classic candelabrum or a smalledr candlestick…) and decorate as you like, with fruit, sprigs, mistletoe, dried fruit, etc. Just be careful not to exaggerate with height, or your guests won’t be able to look each other in the eyes.