In order to plan the perfect Easter, besides preparing yummy dishes, you should also pay attention to table and decorations… In short, you need to see to it with all the details to charm your guests.

A Few Tips to Make Your Own Easter Decorations

Have you ever made Easter decorations? If the answer is no, it’s time to begin! You can let yourself be inspired by my tips. Tips for Easter may seem to be only a few, but it depends on your own creativity and time at your disposal. Easter decorations are above all centered on the typical symbols: eggs, bunnies, lambs, chicks and doves. So let’s see some tips for Easter you can make, above all with food.

If you want to make some colored eggs to strew around your house or gather in a basket, you have several possible solutions. You can buy some polystyrene eggs and paint them with tempera. You can empty a few egg shells (be careful: they are quite fragile!!). Or, you can use hard-boiled eggs (in this case, use food coloring agents!!). For a better results, you should buy eggs with white shells.

You can create lambs, doves and bunnies, for example, with bread dough or salt dough. Among Easter decorations it has recently come into fashion making an Easter tree, a a Scandinavian tradition. You just need some branch of cherry, peach or similar trees, or any branch without leaves, or you can even create it with some iron wire. Then, you can decorate your tree with the colored eggs, or with some chocolate eggs. You can even make some small bread garland to hang. You can also use Easter cookie cutters and make theme-cookies, like bunnies, bells and eggs, decorate them with sugar icing, add a ribbon and hang them on your tree.

You can also buy polystyrene eggs, decorate them with some sugar paste, spike them with skewers and stick into soil, in the pots you have at home. For a yummier decoration, you could stick cake pops in the pots.

In short, there is plenty of possible ideas, you just need time and willing to make them!