Epiphany is a much beloved holiday, above all by kids, who expect to receive candies and pastries and presents in their socks.

Tips for Epiphany

Waiting for Befana, in order to make people feel it as even more real, you can dress your home with socks and besoms, maybe after preparing them with recycle scrap materials, together with your kids.
For example, you could use the gift paper of thew presents you’ve received for Christmas to make a few nice mini-socks: just seal the edges with some insulating tape, or sew them. You could put inside some shortbread cookies decorated with sugar icing and maybe made with Befana-shaped cutters.
You could also use cloth scraps and sew them.
Or, even, you could make an edible sock! Cut shortbread pastry into two identical sock shapes, make holes (coinciding on the two shapes) along the edge, so that you can tie them with some ribbon after baking. Just take care to give a round shape, so that you will then be able to insert your treats inside.