Tips for New Year are unavoidably bound to making auspicious dishes and respecting auspicious traditions for the upcoming new year. Of course, you also should decorate your house and table so that to charm your guests!

Idee per Capodanno

Hanging some mistletoe onto the threshold could help keeping the evil spirits. Besides that, kissing under the mistletoe will bring lovers good luck.

You also could spray some pine branches with artificial snow and use them to decorate your house.

Table will probably be your gathering point to celebrate, so you should definitely use some nice (maybe damask and red) tablecloth. You could also fold napkins in some fancy manner, or use some nice holder or ring to enrich them.
A centrepiece can’t miss. You could use a nice glass pot, with cones or chestnuts (even with husks) inside. Or, you could illuminate your table with red and white candles.

You can decorate your house with a few colored festoons and (children will appreciate for sure) wear party hats.

Another tip: you may prepare another, smaller, table, to lay out champagne in its ice bucket, glasses for everyone, pandoro, and maybe some sparklers to light, all set up, waiting for midnight.