Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to plan a special night for your partner: when back from work, (s)he could find the house different from usual…
tip for Valentine’s Day? Planning a romantic night could really make an impression, above all if you combine an aphrodisiac menu with home decoration.
There is plenty of possible tips for Valentine’s Day menu, from fish recipes to even more special dishes, with aphrodisiac ingredient and theme decoration.
Once chosen the dishes to make, you need to think about creating the right atmosphere, so as to surprise your partner with a special romantic setting.
First and foremost, the table: red should be the leading color, to be alternated with white and maybe some pink. For the perfect table you also need themed dishes: if you go too far with heart-shaped ones, you could just use red or red and white dishes, the same as regards table linen.
Centerpiece is essential: you can choose a simple candlestick, or something special, like a glass bowl withwater and floating red roses’ petals inside, maybe together with some scented candles. Alternatively, you can just use a few red candles, maybe combined with a pot with red roses.
Using a chocolate as a place card may be a nice idea. And so is spreading candles and flower petals around the room. Incense can also help to create the atmosphere.
To complete your decoration, you can also count on the several tips for Valentine’s Day proposed by gift shops.
Last, but not least, turn on soft lights and your favorite compilation!