Since by now Halloween feast has spread in Italy too, you could give a costume party for your kids or, why not, your friends!
In order to plan a successful Halloween party, you need to think to menu and decoration.

Halloween decorations

If you’re looking for a few tips to plan your Halloween party, first and foremost you need to think to decoration. Since the theme is based on spirits, darkness and horror creatures, you should create the right setting to surprise your guests.
You can opt for hand-made decorations, or simply buy them.

Before anything else, the light: a horror party worthy of respect needs soft light, and maybe some theme light too, like jack-o’-lanterns or ghost lanterns, that you can buy online.
Besides the inevitable jack-o’-lanterns, you need some spiderwebs, and maybe even a few (un)hidden skeletons.

How to Make a Jack-O’-Lantern

Among your Halloween decorations, you must have a classic jack-o’-lantern! And why don’t you make it by yourself?
So, let’s see together how to make a jack-o’-lantern!

1. Buy a nice, big pumpkin (you can choose any shape you like).
2. Let’s start from the top: use a black felt tip to draw a sort of hat, and use a sharp knife to cut it, so that you’ll be able to empty your pumpkin. Later, you will have to use the hat as a removable lid, so do not throw it away.
3. After removing seeds and flesh, remove any leftover inside, by scraping with the knife, then dry the inner part with a cloth. Take care to leave a flat surface on the bottom, in order to lay the candle.
4. Use your felt tip to sketch the face you want to make. It will be easier if you use just right lines, avoiding curved ones. Then start carving your pumpking, by following the sketch.
5. Once finished, leave your pumpkin inside a plastic bag for one or two nights, so that it will dry a little.
6. Finally, put the candle inside, on the bottom, light the wick, and close the lid.

Halloween Party Menu

Every party worthy of this name should have a planned menu… Halloween included? Kind of: every edible dish on the table should not seem like that! From appetizers to desserts, anything should seem terrifying.
So, you can give free rein to your imagination and make cut-off fingers with shortbread pastry, or with würstel and ketchup, or have fun with sugar paste and make any kind of decorations for cake and cupcakes, or even make little spiders by using truffles.

If you want to make something traditional, you could try pumpkin pie, candied apples and Barm Brack, the raisin bread that could also be a starting point for more amusement.
Of course, a welcome cocktail cannot miss! And which one is better than a blood-red punch with floating eyeballs inside?
Another cool idea, maybe not so cool for people with weak stomach, is brain-shaped panna cotta: this will totally create a sensation! With panna cotta you can also make eyeballs: just make it round-shaped, and use kiwi-slices for iris!