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Tomato Sauce Meatballs are a very popular dish at my home: meat become really tender, and we can season pasta with the tasty sauce: it’s a perfect Sunday lunch! Today is my little sister’s birthday: she turns 30, and for the occasion my brother-in-law and I bake her a cake… But I can’t reveal you anything more or I could spoil something, if she reads the blog! Anyway, further on you’ll see what we’ve done for our little cake design whiz! Later today, I’ll post the birthday girl’s pictures on Facebook, so you can give me your opinion. Good-bye, now: I’ll leave you to my Tomato Sauce Meatballs recipe, have a nice Sunday XOX

Ingredients for 4 servings:
500 g of beef ground meat
4 slices of sandwich bread
100 ml of milk
2 tbsp of pecorino
2 eggs
1 lt of tomato purée (passata)
black pepper
extra-virgin olive oil Phenergan online

Preparation Time: 10 min.
Cooking Time: 40 min.
Total Time: 50 min. Retin-A without prescription + 30 min. to refrigerate the meatballs

How to make Tomato Sauce Meatballs

Let the bread soak with the milk in a bowl (stale bread will be perfect).
1 pancarre ammorbidito nel latte

Once the bread is completely soaked, squeeze it and put it in another bowl, together with meat, eggs, pecorino and parsley.
2 ingredienti polpette

Knead the paste and, when the ingredients are completely blended, form the meatballs. Put them on a tray and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
3 impasto polpette

formare le polpette

Cook the meatballs in a pan, with the oil, till golden brown, then add tomato purée and basil.
cuocere polpette


aggiungere sugo alle polpette

Cook the meatballs for about 40 minutes.
restringere sugo polpette

At last, serve your tomato sauce meatballs.
polpette al sugo

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Tomato Sauce Meatballs
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Tomato Sauce Meatballs

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